October 24, 2019

Introducing Safely Deposit Digital Storage


Where are your important documents right now? Do you know where to find your rental agreement or mortgage document? What about the title to your car, or the terms of your renters’ insurance, or your bank account information? Articles of incorporation for your business? Your professional certifications, kids’ birth certificates, tax returns, adoption or immigration paperwork?

Maybe you know where it is, but what if you needed to send it to someone? What if you needed to produce it in person? What if, as with your will, someone else will need to know not only how to access your documents, but also what to do with them? The weird thing about all those important papers and documents is they need to simultaneously be somewhere very safe, and be on hand in the event of an urgent situation.

That’s why most of us have some sort of special drawer or cabinet where we keep these things, but we know it’s not exactly ideal, since these things can easily fall prey to common household disasters. That includes theft and fire, yes, but even things like a spilled glass of juice can ruin your storage system. Not only that, but sometimes you need a physical copy of something you only have digitally, or vice-versa. And how often do any of us take inventory of what’s there?


We got a lot of feedback about how people want to improve their filing systems for the most important documents in their lives. We are excited to show you what we’ve built!

With Safely Deposit, you get a single platform to store all of your important documents, both physical and digital. You can access them from anywhere, and you can control who else can access them, and when. Plus, you get professionally curated lists of documents to help you organize, for example, all of the documents related to the ownership of your home, or all of the documents relating to what happens after you pass away.

If you need a digital copy of your document, you can get it instantly. If you need the original or a physical copy, you’ll have it within a couple of business days. With this system, you can have the documents you need, in the format you need, on-demand—with no special drawer to worry about spilling juice into.

An example of a Safely Deposit account with a Will, Estate Plan, Health Care Proxy, Life Insurance, and Trust Documents.


When you sign up, you’ll see professionally prepared checklists of documents you might want to upload to Safely Deposit. Getting them uploaded is easy; we’ll walk you through it. We’ll also mail you an insured FedEx envelope for the physical copies of the documents. If you don’t have a digital copy, don’t worry, we’ll make a high-quality digital copy of everything you send before we secure your documents in a safe deposit box at one of our partner banks.

If you need a digital copy of any of your documents, you can grab them from Safely Deposit anytime. If you ever need your actual stuff in-hand, you just request it through our app, and it’ll be at your home, office, or wherever you need it to go—usually within about 48 hours.

You also get a bunch of neat tools for organizing, planning, and keeping tabs. You can set rules for documents, for example who can access them, or what should happen to them upon your death. You can see at a glance all of the papers you have on our platform, and we can help you figure out if anything’s missing. If something needs updating or renewing, we can let you know that, too.

Want to try it out? You can sign up right here. We’d love to know what you think, so feel free to drop us a line with questions or ideas!


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