October 22, 2019

Our New Brand

Our New Brand

Safely Deposit has a fresh new look. We are still the same Safely Deposit, but now with room to grow, a simpler representation, and a more distinct personality. Our new brand welcomes users into a unified and easily recognizable visual experience. Our updated logo, wordmark, typeface, and colors better express our identity and we really love them. We think you will, too.

Why the change?

Safely Deposit’s new brand direction better communicates how we bring products to life for customers. User experience always comes first, supported by iterative product improvements and an ethos of treating others how we want to be treated. Most of our customers first experience Safely Deposit online, so our first updates refresh the visual elements of our brand - the ones you see and experience every time you visit www.safelydeposit.com. In the new look, our brand and design language support one another and you will notice the overall experience feels better organized and easier to read and browse. Product changes mirror the updates in our branding, but more to come on that in future posts.

Knowing ourselves

Safely Deposit’s refresh originated in seeking to better understand ourselves. We reflected long and hard on what matters to us and why. In the process, we decided to make our visual language more concise, consistent and expressive because we value legibility, ease-of-use, and functional simplicity. Now, we can show our users more about our company and product than we ever could before. Our new brand retains all the wonderful parts of our old brand, but creates space for us to connect with even more customers, partners, and businesses with a new set of tools, as it were.

Our brand in action

In the next few weeks, you may notice updates to our products implementing our new brand elements. The Safely Deposit website will have a more consistent application of color and type and our products will be more recognizable with increased use of our new logo and wordmark combination. What’s more, the imagery we integrate into our experiences will become more illustrative and approachable. And finally, for the first time ever, our wordmark will be joined by a logo: the key.

Want to learn more about how we got from the beginning of the journey to now? Shoot us a note at team@safelydeposit.com. We are always happy to share our experiences and we love meeting passionate, curious people.


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